SupFire Flashlight HID-35W

HID flashlight uses LatticeBright LED,highly transparent optical glass, aluminum alloy body, high capacity battery pack. Three light (white, yellow and blue) can be used,the central switch, iron handle and two modes you can control. With high quality materials, intimate design, fine workmanship and rigorous acceptance for you to create a safe use in the special environment of explosion-proof light flashlight.

Power : 28W/35W

Brightness :3500LM

Light Source:HID Xenon bulbs

Working time : 140min (28W) / 110min(35W)


Waterproof:Waterproof in daily life

Fall Prevention:1 m


Weight :1200g

Power:Custom lithium battery

Battery Capacity:11.1V 6600mAh

Oxide Degree: Ordinary oxidation

Heat Index:≤43.2°C

Lable:   HID Flashlight

1.Strong light and super bright.

2.Long time to run.

3.Long shot,it can reach 326 meters.

4.Five modes you can control.

5.Waterproof in daily life.

6.Fall prevention.

Lable:   HID Flashlight

Carton Size:69cm*48cm*30cm

Gift box size:60cm*38cm*25cm


G .W:21KG


Lable:   HID Flashlight




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