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Shenzhen Supfire Prosperity Equ. Co., Ltd is a high-tech R&D company, manufacturing and selling outdoor lightings, established in 2010 and located in Shenzhen China; products include military, civil, leisure and outdoor sports series etc. Main products are LED flashlights and head-lamps and HID flashlights,including USB rechargeable flashlights, focusing flashlights, headlamps, using dry battey flashlights, diving flashlights, jade dedicated flashlights,explosion-proof flashlights, bicycle lights, camping lights, work lights and so on.

Shenzhen Supfire is well-known for the reasonable price, superior and thoughtful service in the market. We keep developing high-quality products to meet each of our customers' requests, SupFire has been becoming the most worthwhile flashlight brand in China in recent years.



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Main products are led flashlights,headlamps,camping lights,bicycle lights and work lights.