SupFire Headlamp HL06

SupFire HL06 uses Cree LED,high permeable optical glass ,breathable material headband and built-in rechargeable lithium battery, lightweight, dual switch and three modes you can control. Adopt high quality material, Intimate design, meticulous workmanship and rigorous acceptance provides you with an exquisite and lightweight headlamp which can be used for walking, hiking, cycling and repairing.

Sensor headlamp

Light Source : USA imported CREE  R5 LED

Brightness : Strong mode 240lm+12 lm weak mode

Material : ABS of plastic

Weight : 70g 

Power Source : USB charge

Runtime : 2-3 hours

Distance : 200-300 meters

Mode : 1 mode for sensor(right botton:on/off,sensor distance 10cm);

3 modes for white light(left button:strong>weak>strobe);

2 modes for red light(keep pressing left botton for 2s:strong/strobe)

Lable:  sensor headlamp head lamp headlight

1.Focus and super bright.(Please do not direct the eyes )

2.Long time to run.

3.Sensor and dual Switch. 

4.Four modes : 1 mode for sensor(right botton:on/off)

                        3 modes for white(Strong-weak-strobe)

                        2 modes for red light(strong-strobe)

5.Waterproof in daily life.

6.Fall prevention.


8.USB charge.

Lable:  sensor headlamp head lamp headlight



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